Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Meeting this Saturday 28 Jan 2017

Hello everyone,

Happy 2017

We have our first meeting of the year this Saturday.  We will meet at the  Kalamazoo library downtown Kalamazoo in the Van Deussen room.  The formal meeting is from 10am to noon.  However, we have the room from 9-1.  So you are welcome to come early and stay after for some social time.

Here is a link to the library and parking.

Remember meters are free on Saturdays so no need to feed them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Don't forget your blocks for the drawing.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cat Block

Here are the step by step illustrated instructions for the January Online Activity (see video posted January 10)
Out of the foreground cut:
one 5x10" rectangle (body)
one 3x5" rectangle (head)
two 2.5" squares (ears)

Out of the background cut:
one 5" square
one 2.5x5" rectangle
one 2.5" square

1) Body: Sew one 2.5" background square to the upper right corner of the 5x10" foreground rectangle by stiching diagonally from upper left to lower right corner of the square.  If necessary, draw or press a diagonal guideline before stitching. Trim and press open.

2) Ears: Place 2.5" foreground squares on the top corners of the 2.5x5" background rectangle, sew diagonally from upper corners to center bottom. trim and press open.
Note: This photo is upside down! Sorry!

3) Head: Sew ears section to 3x5" foreground rectangle. Press.

4) Sew 5" background square to right side of

5) Attach head to body. press.

6) Square up to 9.5"

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Online Activity

Hi Everyone, I'm so sorry this is so late! I wanted to make a block and photograph the project for you but I'm running out of time, so I'm just sending you to this video tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Company, "Make an Easy Pins & Paws Quilt with Jenny!"

Fabric requirements for each cat block: 10" square of a bright modern print for the cat, and a 5"x10" light solid or low-volume print for the background.

Make a single block or several, and enter to win them all at our January meeting -
instructions for entering the block lottery here