Friday, July 12, 2019

Dog Gone Cute! Block Activity

The block activity for this month is the Dog Gone Cute block from Sew Fresh Quilts.

There are eight different block variations on her blog, I made dog #1 but feel free to make whichever one(s) you like! It will be fun for the winner to have a variety!


1) Choose your pup and locate the online instructions (or you can purchase a pattern with all eight from Sew Fresh Quilts)

Dogs One and Two: Instructions Here

Dogs Three and Four: Instructions Here

Dogs Five and Six: Instructions Here

Dogs Seven and Eight: Instructions Here

2) She gives two sizes for each dog. Make the larger size (18" x 12" finish)
3) Use any modern fabrics
4) Add additional 2.5" strips of your background fabric to the top and the bottom of your block (18 x 16” finish)
5) Bring your completed blocks to the August 24 meeting for a chance to win them all! (lottery rules here)

My Dog Gone Cute Block

Here are some of my process shots. I found it fun and easy. There is a little bit of waste with her technique but it was so worth it in saved time! (Sorry about the odd coloring of the photos - I had to adjust the exposure)
All the pieces cut out. No triangles!

Adding the extra strips (not in the pattern)