Sunday, January 21, 2018

January Online Activity

Happy Scrappy 2018!

I've been trying to get my fabric organized over the last few weeks , and I realized, boy do I have a lot of scraps! This month's online activity will help use up those smaller (2 1/2") scraps. It's a scrappy nine patch bowtie block, using Annemarie Chany's "Scrappy but Classy Block" tutorial. We've done a bowtie block before, but this one is a bit different.

You'll need 22 squares of any bright modern fabric measuring 2 1/2 " 

Use 18 of the squares to construct two 6 1/2"

You'll also need two 6 1/2" solid pieces for the other two corners. Please use white or very light fabric that reads solid. 

The remaining 4 squares will be stitched and flipped on the corners to become the center block. I didn't get a photo. but Annemarie has this clear diagram in her post: 

The finished block is 12 1/2 square 
Have fun and bring your blocks to the February meeting for a chance to win them all. Lotto rules here.