Monday, December 13, 2021

Shoebox Swap at the 2021 Holiday Party

We celebrated the upcoming holidays tonight with a get together and our "shoebox swap."  Members made a gift item that fit inside a shoebox.  The gift item was supposed to represent the individual in some way.  It was great fun!  The photos below show some of the items that were swapped.  I didn't catch them all, and sorry if I missed yours!  As usual, our members outdid themselves with their fabric selections, quality of work, and creativity.  I'm always so impressed with our members and their generosity to others.  What great friends we have!

Enjoy the shoebox swap parade below!

Happy holidays to all!  Happy new year!  Let's hope 2022 is a happy and healthy year for everyone!  Please check the schedule above for updates to our programming and retreat dates!  Also, please make sure to renew your dues for 2022 so you can participate in all the fun!

See you in 2022!