Monday, June 19, 2017

Online Activity for June

This month we are going to make Kylie Kelsheimer's Starry Sky block. It's a fun paper-pieced block and the free pattern is available on her blog at

We will make the 12-inch block, pattern pieces on pages 4-7 of the pattern PDF.  Please use white with black designs/text for the background, and bright solids for the star points.

 If you need a refresher on paper piecing, Carol Doan has very good instructions here.
I found it useful to write "white and black" or "solid" on each section of the pattern pieces. 
Place fabric right-side out (wrong side against paper) on the back of the paper. 

To assemble the A-E sections, I sewed A to D, then sewed C to E, then sewed A+D to C+E, finally sewed B to the side.