Saturday, March 21, 2015

Color Theory

Next GLMQG meeting will be March 28 from 10:30-12:30 at Bernina.  Members may stay following the meeting for a sew-in.

Our member Mark DeVries will be presenting on Color Theory. The color theory presentation will include color schemes, the definition of color, color interactions and a brief history of color theory as a field of study.

Let's get to know Mark.
Mark at a recent meeting

 Here is what Mark had to share.

I am 34 years old, I am 6'5" tall, I have been married to my lovely wife Samantha for going on 6 years, and we have a 3 year old named Asher and another one on the way in August.  I am currently a student at Grand Valley State University, where I am studying Art education.  I hold a degree in Animation and Character design, and I have worked as a graphic designer, pressman, and substitute teacher.  I have taken multiple classes on color theory, design and art history.  

When did you begin quilting?

I began quilting when Samantha and I were first dating, sometime around 2008.  My first foray into quilting was a log cabin quilt Samantha and I made for my mother for Christmas.

Why do I Quilt?

I quilt because I enjoy beautiful things, and I enjoy creating beautiful things.  Quilting is just another outlet for my creativity, and the thing I really love about it is the endless possibilities.

What new technique are you hoping to learn this year?

I have never paper pieced in my life, so I am hoping to figure that out because I see the value in such a technique.

Why Modern Quilting?

The thing I love about modern quilting is how it defies all the traditional rules.  It appeals to the rule breaker in my soul, and allows for more controversy, and free form creativity.  I enjoy taking a design from my head and working out how to make that design into a quilt.

What is your favorite sewing or quilting tool?

Lately, my seam ripper is my most used tool, but I like the quick curve ruler, and the equilateral triangle ruler currently.

Why did I join the GLMQG?

I joined GLMQG because I was looking for like minded people in regards to quilting.  All the other groups I found were very traditional in their quilting methods, while these groups have value, they were not for me.  In perfect honesty I needed a group that would not look at me in a funny way for being a male quilter.  You would be surprised how many jeers I get from men when I wear my "Real Men Quilt" shirt around town.

What random fun fact about yourself can you share?

By fun fact I am assuming utterly embarrassing...well I give you a few.  I read fantasy novels almost exclusively, I was 10lbs 5oz and 24" long when I was born, I was voted class clown in high school, I played college basketball, and I can blow spit bubbles. 

I know everyone is really looking forward to Mark's presentation.

See you in a few.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

January 2015 Meeting (not quite as belated)

Our January meeting focused on paper piecing, with a detailed and incredibly informative presentation by Jill. 

She made quite a few samples to show us, including GLMQG blocks--how cool are they!?!

Each attendee left with a 2-page handout detailing type of foundation, paper piecing hints, and resources for more information.

She even made a sample of our next planned online activity--this very cool star. However, due to printing issues with the pattern, this block has temporarily been placed on hold.

Thank you to Jill for a great lesson on paper piecing! Whether you were a novice or an experienced PPer, I think everyone learned something from her presentation.

On to the block raffle! The online activity for this meeting was to make a version of a framed niniepatch. We had so much variety! There were more than 35 blocks--what a turnout!

Sandy is the lucky lady who took these blocks home. We can't wait to see how she assembles them!

The meeting concluded with show and tell.
Stephanie shared two pouches she made--this curved bottom zipper pouch:

And a second pouch with a sweet label.

Jackie shared an adorable hedgehog wearing glasses. After seeing it, I think many guild members are planning to purchase the pattern and make their own!

She also shared her "teal conundrum"--a beautiful quilt top she'd made and was looking for quilting advice. We can't wait to see how what she does with it.

Joanne shared this modern quilt she'd stitched and straight line quilted. Great design!

Pam shared an apron she'd made (love the stripes!):

Terri shared a sweet little set she made for her grand niece's doll: a little diaper bag with diapers and a changing pad. So adorable!

Susan shared a quilt she'd made--such great colors!

Claire shared two color study pieces she made in a Nancy Crow workshop. Such tiny pieces!

Lisa shared a small piece she'd made for a "word of the year" challenge:

And a drawstring camera bag:

What a great meeting! See you all in March, when we'll learn about color theory! Be sure to bring some show and tell!

September Meeting Summary (much belated)

We had 20 members at the September meeting, including two new members,  Jeanine and Patty. Welcome!

Ed Orloff, physical therapist, gave us a presentation on how to prevent injuries and keep on quilting. He is a very informative and entertaining speaker. We appreciate all the helpful suggestions he shared with us. Ed is a member of the Borgess Spine Therapy Team and has this alphabet soup after his name: PT, DPT, CSCS, Dip.MDT!

Susan won 20 spider web blocks in our drawing. Congratulations!

We had a wonderful show and tell. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

A cutting mat and a fabric bundle were given to two luck door prize winners. Congratulations!

A sew-in followed our meeting.

And now, the show and tell portion of the blog post:

Susan shared a row quilt made out of such fun fabrics:

With a pieced back!

Joanne shared a pencil pouch with a clear laminate pocket:

And a sweet little duffle made out of laminated fabric:

 Jackie shared her finished improv medallion top from the Gwen Marston workshop. Beautiful!

And her gorgeous rainbow kaleidoscope quilt:

And an iPad holder:

Jane shared a tote bag she made--love the fabric and the pattern! 

Pam shared a Jacquie Gehring quilt that she won--wow!

Stephanie shared her curved nine-patch quilt that had been quilted and bound. Love the quilting! Wow again!

And her new favorite pouch to make--the pouch of many zippers! :)

with a patchwork exterior

Love the roller skating fabric on Jill's new purse!

And now, a few unlabeled show and tell pics (this is what I get for posting the pics from the September meeting in March!!! Sorry about that...) I can't remember who made what or the stories behind them--if you made them or know who did, please let me know and I'll add in the info. (lisaeruble (at)

A completed online activity quilt top!

Simple = beautiful in this quilt:

Stars and hexagons (Jackie?)