Monday, July 23, 2018

August Online Activity: Barn Quilt Block

Get out your solids for this fun "Barn Quilt" pattern by Designer Megan Pitz of Canoe Ridge Creations - available for download here 

The pattern includes directions for 4 blocks plus back and binding, but we are going to make individual blocks for entry into the block lottery in August. The block will be 13" square.

Please use solids so we really get that painted-on-the-side-of-an-Iowa-barn feel. 

The instructions are pretty good, but there were a couple things I thought could be more clear:

1) She talks about positions 1, 2 and 3. It took me a while to figure out what was what! Using her yellow and blue block as an example, the yellow is position 1, the white is position 2 and the blue is position 3.

2) In step two she says "if necessary", trim the square-in-square construction. I found I needed to trim off quite a bit, about 3/8" from each side.

3) In step three, she suggests using a pencil to draw a diagonal stitching line. I found it easier and quicker to finger-press a diagonal crease instead.

4) Note step six says four segments! Don't do what I did and create all eight segments facing the same way!

Here are my process photos and my finished block.  I'll bring it to the informal meeting this week to pass around. 

Have fun!

Monday, July 16, 2018

JULY Social Meeting

Please join us at GLMQG member Lynne's home for some quilting fun and fellowship!  We will meet Wednesday, 25 July at 6:00.  Please see email for details!

Friday, July 6, 2018

June 2018 Meeting Summary

June was "use your scraps" month!  We welcomed Amanda Jean Nyberg from Crazy Mom Quilts, who gave us a fantastic trunk show and workshop. All were inspired and used a ton of scraps!  Following are some of the highlights:

Block raffle
The Block Challenge for June was the tiny scrappy churn-dash. Joanne was the lucky winner! Happy Birthday, Joanne!

Show and Tell

This is the Block Challenge from April already finished! Way to go, Shannon! It is amazing!
This is another Block Challenge finish from Pam.  So cute!

Trunk Show!
Amanda Jean brought some fantastic quilts for inspiration! 
"All Sizes" in two colorways.
"Donuts (The Size of Your Head)"
"Hot and Cold"

"Scrap Happy Rails"
"Mini Nines"


"Scrap Vortex"
Detail of "Scrap Vortex"
Detail of "Remainders"

After that amazing show of Amanda Jean's quilts, the machines were busy bustin' scraps!  We set up a scrap table in the center for all to share.

Quilters hard at work.
Amanda Jean giving excellent tips.
Pam and Kim in create-mode.

 Traveling quilt exchange
The Traveling Quilts moved on to their next destination, but not before showing off where they've been!

Pat added "Stitches" to Lynne's words.
Jill added an asymmetrical border to Carolyn's star.
Carolyn put Leslie's block on point and then added a beautiful border.

Lisa added some flowers to Pat's "hobby" quilt.

Leslie added some scrappy churn-dash blocks to Lisa's star block.

Stephanie added curved geese sides to Jill's.

We'll catch up with Stephanie's quilt at the next meeting.  These quilts grow more beautiful with each destination!

A special "thank you" to Lynne for volunteering to set up a program for the Kalamazoo Log Cabin Quilters for Spring 2019.  The KLCQ asked the GLMQG to present some modern log cabin quilts and blocks. If you have a quilt that could be displayed in the program or can help in some way with the presentation, please let Lynne know.  We will be incorporating the modern log cabin blocks as part of a Block Challenge soon!

Election results are in and unanimous! 
President - Stephanie
Vice-President - Jill
Secretary - Jill
Web Coordinator - Carolyn
Treasurer - Kim

Our next social meeting is Wednesday, 25 July.  If anyone would like to host or suggest a nice meeting spot, please let Jill know! We hope to see you in a couple weeks!  

Check the blog for upcoming meetings and info.  HAPPY QUILTING!