Saturday, January 19, 2013

Planning for Our Next Meeting!

Hello Everyone!

Stephanie here.  Thank you for your support of the new guild so far!  It makes me very happy.  :-)

As mentioned in the previous post, our next meeting is Saturday, February 23 at 10:00 am at the Ransom District Library in Plainwell.

Our agenda will be as follows:
  1. Determining our mission and determining bylaws (i.e., making decisions about our dues, etc.)
  2. Determining our meeting schedule.  Please think about how you want to do this and be prepared to discuss it.
    • Some (myself included) are a little worried about trying to maintain a monthly meeting schedule while also maintaining membership in other guilds.
    • Do we want to "meet" online during some months as an alternative to face-to-face meetings?
    • We could meet quarterly and have a full day of sewing following our meeting.
    • We will plan to meet on weekends.
  3. Show and Tell!  The best part!  Everyone is invited to bring a modern block he or she has made and share it with the broup.  We thought about at least a 12" block.
  4. Planning for a sew day in March...
I had a couple of thoughts about some fun activities for a sew day, and I wanted to run them by you. My friend Mary, of Mary on Lake Pulaski, did a blog post the other day about something her modern guild did.  Check out her blog post here.

The guild provided color inspiration, and they all made a mosaic block from Elizabeth Hartman's book.  Mary told me they raffled off all the blocks....everyone who contributed a block was in the raffle.  The winner got to keep all the blocks.  (And winners in her guild are not eligible to win another such drawing until they produce a completed quilt top from the raffle blocks.  I like that!)

For our sew day, we could pick a color palette to work with, and make a block, like Mod Mosaic or another from her book, during our sew day.  We could hold a raffle at the end of the day.  I have both her books and could teach the block.

Here are some ideas for palettes I found for your inspiration:

 What do you think of this idea?  And what palettes inspire you?

Another idea would be to make some "made fabric" using Victoria Findlay Wolfe's "15 Minutes to Play" book (which I also have).

I look forward to your thoughts and comments here and on the 23rd!

We might need RSVPs for our meeting on the 23rd so we can make sure to have enough chairs.  I'm so excited by the amount of enthusiasm everyone has shown about all this!

See you soon!
AKA "Big Kahuna"


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  2. Great idea Stephanie! I kind of like the first idea the best. That way all of the blocks would be in the same palette and play together nicely. The trick would be for us to all agree on the same palette. The ones you chose are great! I also really like the "rule" that you have to complete the top before you can enter another raffle!

    Recently I participated in a Google + Hangout video chat and it was a lot of fun! It worked well, the only drawback being that only 8 people can participate in each group. But it might be another approach to us having a connection in lieu of an actual meeting.

    Looking forward to our next meeting!


  3. I was thinking we could hold a vote on the palette, or someone (we could draw straws) gets to pick!

  4. And when I said, "or some other block from the book," I meant we could pick another block if we don't like this one. I think we should all make the same block. :-)

  5. I like your idea too and am looking forward to attending the meeting next Saturday.


  6. Thank you to everyone for a most enjoyable time this morning. I came on a "nothing ventured, nothing gained" whim this morning and I definitely gained!
    Love from the one with the British accent!