Saturday, March 21, 2015

Color Theory

At the March 28 meeting, our member Mark DeVries presented on Color Theory. The presentation included color schemes, the definition of color, color interactions and a brief history of color theory as a field of study. If you missed the presentation or want a reference, please download his excellent summary

Mark at a recent meeting

Here is what Mark shared about himself with our Program Chairperson Pam:

I am 34 years old, I am 6'5" tall, I have been married to my lovely wife Samantha for going on 6 years, and we have a 3 year old named Asher and another one on the way in August.  I am currently a student at Grand Valley State University, where I am studying Art education.  I hold a degree in Animation and Character design, and I have worked as a graphic designer, pressman, and substitute teacher.  I have taken multiple classes on color theory, design and art history.  

When did you begin quilting?

I began quilting when Samantha and I were first dating, sometime around 2008.  My first foray into quilting was a log cabin quilt Samantha and I made for my mother for Christmas.

Why do I Quilt?

I quilt because I enjoy beautiful things, and I enjoy creating beautiful things.  Quilting is just another outlet for my creativity, and the thing I really love about it is the endless possibilities.

What new technique are you hoping to learn this year?

I have never paper pieced in my life, so I am hoping to figure that out because I see the value in such a technique.

Why Modern Quilting?

The thing I love about modern quilting is how it defies all the traditional rules.  It appeals to the rule breaker in my soul, and allows for more controversy, and free form creativity.  I enjoy taking a design from my head and working out how to make that design into a quilt.

What is your favorite sewing or quilting tool?

Lately, my seam ripper is my most used tool, but I like the quick curve ruler, and the equilateral triangle ruler currently.

Why did I join the GLMQG?

I joined GLMQG because I was looking for like minded people in regards to quilting.  All the other groups I found were very traditional in their quilting methods, while these groups have value, they were not for me.  In perfect honesty I needed a group that would not look at me in a funny way for being a male quilter.  You would be surprised how many jeers I get from men when I wear my "Real Men Quilt" shirt around town.

What random fun fact about yourself can you share?

By fun fact I am assuming utterly embarrassing...well I give you a few.  I read fantasy novels almost exclusively, I was 10lbs 5oz and 24" long when I was born, I was voted class clown in high school, I played college basketball, and I can blow spit bubbles. 


  1. Useful information! Great job, Mark!

  2. So enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for presenting it to our guild. And a huge thanks for making the summary. It rocks!