Friday, June 17, 2016

June/July 2016 Block Activity

Since we will be meeting and hearing from Amy Garro in July, it's only fitting to make an Amy Garro block this month, don't you think?

The block we will make is her "Flock of Half Square Triangles" block. The tutorial is available at

For the color palette, let's use the beautiful palette that Jackie used in the quilt top she shared last month (with her permission - thanks Jackie!)  For the triangles, use patterns or solids in these rich warm colors like the ones that that make up the rings in Jackie's piece. For the background, rather than white, use a single solid dark grey, dark blue, dark purple, or dark olive. 

Amy's instructions in the blog are perfect - I don't have any tips to add! She suggests pressing all seams open, but I found the corners were not too bulky when I pressed the individual HSTs to one side and then pressed rows open. 

Here are the photos I took as I constructed my block:

I used some of my gorgeous new "handcrafted patchwork" from Alison Glass.

 I used the two squares method and cut 8 purple and 8 colored 2 7/8" squares. Amy describes another method that makes 8 HSTs at once, but I wanted more variety in the colors.

I love the resulting block and can't wait to make another with a different color solid - maybe grey! I will bring this block to the social meeting next week.

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  1. This looks so fun! I have always loved this block! What great fabrics! I love Alison's fabric!