Saturday, January 25, 2020

First Formal Meeting of the Year-Learn Sashiko

Hi All,

Our first formal meeting of the year will be 29 February 2020. The  meeting will start at 9:30.  Our teacher will be teaching/presenting first.  Our business meeting and show and tell will follow.  We have the room reserved until 1:30 so there will be plenty of time remaining to socialize.   We will be meeting at the Kalamazoo Library  in the VanDeusen Room. Parking at the meters is free on Saturdays. Library opens at 9am.

Great news! We have an awesome program lined up.  Last year, when we surveyed you to learn more about your interests for this hear, sashiko stitching rose to the top as the thing you were most interested to learn about.  So...drum roll...we will be learning sashiko stitching at our first meeting.  Don't know what sashiko stitching is?  Here's a wikipedia link for you!

The owner of the Craft Table Orlando, Rene' Martinez, will be teaching an introduction to sashiko.  Rene' hails from Orlando, Florida.  She will be Facetiming in to our meeting to teach us.  She has a talent for handwork, including sashiko and embroidery.  She will be teaching us some beginner skills in sashiko and then showing us some applications of sashiko.  Even more fun, we will get to stitch along with Rene' on a project.  Keep reading for details on how you can get your materials for this "make and take!"

One of Rene's Sashiko projects

If you renew your membership before February 7, 2020 the guild will provide you with a kit for this class with all the supplies.  The kit will be supplied as a extra cost to you!  The only additional items you may want to bring is a thimble and a pair of scissors.  Please let us know if you are coming to the meeting so we have enough kits for everyone.  Sign up for the class here.

Renew your membership here.

Hope to see you there!  We are excited to bring you this program!


  1. What supplies do I need for the program on Saturday? Can I purchase a kit for a fee on Saturday? Please let me know! Thank you! Beth Griesbaum

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