Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bowtie Blocks

Hi everyone! 
I had a block making party at my house last night (well, party of one!) and finished two Bowtie Blocks for our June activity. Since the last post talking about the blocks was a bit text heavy, I thought I'd post these blocks as a little visual inspiration. I'll be posting them to Flickr as well. 

My blocks happen to be one that is red/orange and one more yellow--feel free to mix the colors within the blocks--each bowtie can definitely be a different color--but based on the fabrics I used, this was the color combination I liked best.

Have fun stitching your blocks! See you (and your blocks!) in a month.

p.s. These blocks were the easy part of my night--less than an hour. You can see the other two (3-hour!) blocks I made for a charity quilt here.


  1. They are wonderful, Lisa! I love them! I can't wait to sew mine up this weekend!

  2. I love these blocks and those are my kind of colors. Great choice!

  3. I made mine this weekend! I'll get photos posted this week and blog them this week, too.