Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sew Together Bag Sew Along

Hi Everyone!

On October 27, our guild meeting will include a sew along immediately following the formal meeting (so, starting at about 11:00).  Each of you will sew your own Sew Together Bag!

This post is an effort to help you prepare for the event so we can hopefully finish your bag at our sew along.  (We will have the room reserved for the entire day, so come ready to sew!)  Carolyn and Stephanie will be there to help you through and answer questions you have!

Here are things you need to know and accomplish before October 27.

1.  Get the Pattern!

Most importantly, you need to bring a copy of the Sew Together Bag pattern!  If you don't already have one, you can purchase one from a variety of sources.  Here are a few:

2.  Decide on your fabrics!

We created a Pinterest board to inspire you on your fabric selection!  You can make the outside one piece of fabric, or you can piece it.  You can do patchwork, English paper piecing, make some miniature blocks...go hog wild with your ideas!  Also select your fabrics for the inside and binding.

3.  Get your zippers.

The Sew Together bag has 4 zippers: three 9" zippers inside and one 20" zipper on the outside.
You will need to bring the three 9" zippers.  Use colors that coordinate with the inside of your bag.  They can all be the same color, or they can all be different colors.

4.  Tell us what color zipper you want for the outside zipper.

The guild will provide you with a zipper for the outside of the bag IF YOU CLICK ON THIS LINK AND FILL OUT THE SURVEY BY OCTOBER 15.

If you did not fill out this survey by October 15, you will need to bring a zipper that is at least 20" long (we recommend longer).  Choose a color that coordinates with the outside of your bag.

5.  Get the rest of your supplies.

Look at the pattern and determine what the required supplies are.  Make sure you have all of them and that you bring them to the sew along.

6.  Create the quilted exterior of your bag.

You will stand a better chance of finishing on the day of the sew along if you come with the outside of your bag already prepared and quilted.

Cut or piece together a rectangle of fabric at least 10" by 14". Choose another piece of fabric to be the backing (this will show on the inside of your bag!).  Layer some batting between these two pieces and quilt them.   EDIT:  YOU CAN QUILT IT WITH THE FABRIC YOU CHOOSE FOR THE FRONT AND THEN SOME SORT OF BATTING.  NO BACKING IS REQUIRED (YOU CAN BACK IT WITH MUSLIN IF YOU WANT. IT WON'T SHOW ON THE BACK.  SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION!  Bring this quilted piece of fabric to the guild meeting with the rest of your supplies and sewing machine.

7. Look forward to some fun!

That's about it!  At this point, we'll be ready to cut and sew our bags!  If you have any questions, please let Stephanie or Carolyn know.

This is going to be such a fun meeting.  We're going to walk away with a really awesome bag, and you'll be surprised how fun it is to make.

We'll see you then!

Stephanie and Carolyn

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